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Interim support agreements are necessary today for a significant number of companies particularly in the software development arena. Interim Support agreements are generally used when an organisation finds themselves with a gap in resource that they simply cannot afford to have. This could be due to a gap in recruitment (someone leaves, a replacement isn't found) or because an organisation has taken on a project that requires additional support to complete in the agreed timescales and to the agreed quality.

At Cool Code Company, we can step in and bridge that resource gap and step back when a permanent solution is found.

When might I consider an Interim Support Agreement?

The Software Development market is an extremely competitive one and UK Developers are generally always in high demand. It is a competitive industry and according to this recent article by Ivene, a huge 69% of Software Developers/Engineers have an average tenure of just 2 years or less.

This leaves organisations with skills gaps that are business impacting and can have a direct impact on an organisations credibility if they cannot deliver projects to the timescales and quality that was originally agreed. This can also impact on repeat business.

Here at Cool Code Company, we can act as an extension of your current IT team for a defined period of time to ensure you can continue to operate as needed through any challenges that may arise where you find yourself short on developer resource. Nottingham based, our team will be happy to come to your premises if you're in the local area and will also travel further afield where a schedule has been pre-agreed.

Our UK based full-stack developers have over 30 years of expertise in all areas of Software Engineering with comprehensive, hands-on experience in a wide range of technologies. If you need some additional support whilst you're recruiting to fill a permanent developer position then get in touch with us today, we'd be glad to join your team!

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