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Case Study: Adhook - Adbuilder


Adhook are a niche Business Consultancy that specialise in training and writing engaging, compelling job adverts to provide companies with an advantage in today's volatile and competitive hiring market. They offer services that can be used independently or can be used to compliment current HR, TA and hiring teams within a company.

Established in March 2020, they continue to see significant growth across the business, expanding their portfolio offering and growing their varied client base that consists of blue-chip companies such as Starbucks and Premier Foods to local and national SMEs.

The challenge

Adhook was born from its sister recruitment company Recart Ltd, where it became apparent that attracting the best candidates was not necessarily achieved through expensive, timely head hunting, but by producing a compelling job advert that went above and beyond that of being a standard description of day-to-day duties thereby attracting the best talent to them.

For Adhook, it became clear that an advert needs to hook and engage a candidate, so to attract the right people for the role. Adhook, subsequently developed and honed a proven, tried-and-tested formula of knowing the right questions to ask, to uncover the vital information required to build a brilliant job advert that 'hooks' the right people.

Initially, the process involved in building a job advert was wholly manual and consisted of a consultation call, copywriting, and job advert publication. A specialist consultant would arrange a video call – during which they would gather all the information needed. Typically, this lasted 45-60 minutes. Following the session one of their job advert copywriters would build a job advert within two working days. Once the job advert was written, they would seek approval and sign off from the client. Overall, the process was timely, and Adhook decided to explore options that would allow them to streamline and improve the process.

The solution

As always, the first course of action for Cool Code Company was to thoroughly understand and map out the existing processes and use this, to understand where efficiencies could be made.

The methodical steps taken to address the challenge are as follows -

From this process mapping exercise, it was determined that the new process would be made up of three critical, but simple components -

The outcome was developed as a singular application encompassing technology including .Net 7 API, MS SQL Server DB and Angular (with Bootstrap for UI components).

Since its launch, Cool Code Company continue to work with Adhook on a regular basis, maintaining the application, making improvements and accommodating changes where necessary. The admin console has recently been expanded to allow Adhook greater flexibility and control over their content, graphics etc. An AI element for grammar checking and creative flair has also subsequently been incorporated into the app which also serves as a crucial tool for diversity and inclusion. There is currently work underway to bring Chat GPT up to it’s latest version, keeping in line with Adhook ambitions of always being up to date with the latest tech stack and continuously looking for ways to improve the benefits of the AI function and the solution as a whole.

The result

Since the launch of the system in early 2023, the new, interactive job advert creation system has allowed Adhook to expand their portfolio offering significantly, not only allowing them to offer the technology used to create the job adverts as a SaaS solution for companies to procure via a licensing model, but by also enhancing the training and development packages they offer to companies nationwide.

From an employee perspective, it has streamlined the training the Adhook consultancy team deliver, as well as offering delegates an improved training session, by removing the need for manual intervention. The afternoon session is where delegates now build their job advert, whereas previously, delegates were running out of time and job adverts were being completed outside of the training day. Since using the Adbuilder tool and its technology, delegates are able to produce job adverts within an hour, allowing the trainers to give feedback on the output in the session as opposed to afterwards.

From a business perspective, Adhook now have a platform that will continue to grow with them organically. It is scalable, flexible and allows them to respond and react to the market's ever-changing needs and requirements. Off the shelf solutions were not an option, but a bespoke, tailored system that encompassed everything Adhook did do and nothing that they didn’t.

The future

Adhook and Cool Code Company will continue to develop their relationship and work together moving forward. Cool Code Company will continue to be responsible for the general maintenance and any improvements of the platform. There are a number of exciting new projects in the pipeline but for now, they will remain a secret!


"Prior to developing the Adbuilder tool with Cool Code Company, we knew we had to improve the training sessions we were delivering. We identified early on that delegates were starting to get ‘lost’ when it came to writing their adverts, and we felt this was having an impact upon the quality of the service we were delivering. Adbuilder was formed off the back of this, and we decided to use it as part of our training sessions, but also as a standalone product.

Adbuilder, can now be purchased on a subscription basis, and used by those who have sat the training, as it continues to support them in writing their job adverts. The tool can also be used/purchased as a standalone product by hiring teams to improve the quality of their adverts.

I feel that all our requirements have been met. To date I have never received a ‘No’ or ‘That’s not possible’, the default response is always ‘everything is possible, leave it with us and we will look into it for you’. During our project we have set some aggressive deadlines, that Cool Code have always met, or delivered sooner than promised. The team are always on-hand, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them, it is never a chore but always a pleasure, and I would highly recommend them. "

Rebecca Pritchard
Operations Director

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