For new apps, retrieving data collected or joining with an existing software solution, our Fitbit developer team are on hand. Fitbit collects a wealth of data that can be useful to businesses. Let our expert team support you to harness its power.

How Can Fitbit Help My Business?

Fitbit devices track the health of an individual in many different ways. It makes this data available to users, but this information can also be shared with apps via user permissions. The data can make a huge impact on the services offered by businesses. Equally it can revolutionise the focus and approach of a business to boost user engagement and sales. You might have interest in some of the data types:

Whatever data is useful for your business can be put to good use in editing an existing app or creating something new for the device. You might have some ideas or may not be sure where to start. There is so much you can do with the data and the device itself. This is where we come in.

How Can We Help?

Our talented team of developers know the intricacies of the Fitbit system. We know how each part works with the others, which can be a powerful force for your business. We have already worked with a wide range of leading health companies doing just this. Our team can bring all of these skills and their expertise into their work with your business. Whether you have a fully mapped out app for a Fitbit or just an idea of what data might be good, we can help.

Fitbit OS

As well as utilising the data the Fitbit devices collect, we can also create apps for the devices themselves. If the device is running Fitbit OS 4 or Fitbit OS 5, then you’re good to go. Why not speak to us about your requirements or ideas, and we’ll help you bring that idea to life.

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