Why go local?

In today’s competitive economy, you may be wondering whether there’s any benefit to choosing local suppliers when the Software Development is so competitive and due to it’s nature, your options are not restricted by locality. You may be able to satisfy your Software Development requirements for less cost, especially if you shop around abroad.

However, here’s the top three reasons why you may want to consider procuring locally instead!

First and foremost - Face to face collaboration

The benefits of face to face communication cannot be overstated even in the post covid world. Face to face meetings provide a much more collaborative environment than opposed to online where only one person can speak at a time. People generally have an ‘allocation’ on their time online, this is not the case in person. In person, communications can be dynamic and flexible allowing much more productive sessions. An added bonus here is of course that we don’t have to rely on technology to ensure we are heard. That may be ironic coming from a tech company but we are also realists and do experience connectivity issues from time to time!

Create local jobs

Here at Cool Code Company, not only are we based local - we hire local too. Whilst our employees have the flexibility to work remotely as they see fit, they appreciate the importance of being able to meet regularly face to face whether it’s for work or socials so it only makes sense that we look to fill our roles with people who can easily commute to the office. In addition, The multiplier effect created by procuring through local business generates sustainable and lasting impact on the prosperity of local organisations and residents.

Give back to your community

Small businesses provide more support to local not for profit organisations than large corporations. There’s no exception here at Cool Code Company and we are involved in a number of local projects that contribute to a better Nottingham in one way or another through both financial and skills based assistance. By choosing a local supplier for your Software needs, you are indirectly helping us help the wider community.

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