Monthly Retainer

Monthly retainers are another type of agreement prevalent in the Software Development & IT Services industry. Essentially, an organisation will agree to have access to outside resources for a pre-determined number of days/hour per month.

We have these agreements with a number of our clients here at Cool Code Company and they work incredibly well for organisations who don't require access to a full-time Developer resource but do have Developer related requirements.

When might I consider an Interim Support Agreement?

Monthly retainer agreements are crucial for some organisations today in that they offer a flexible and low commitment way to ensure they have access to the Developer resources they need, only when they need it.

This can be true for small companies who don't have the need or budget for full time IT resource(s) or for larger companies with their own IT teams who benefit from access to additional consultancy or guidance maybe whilst they have an on-going project that requires specific expertise.

Here at Cool Code Company, we offer flexible retainer agreements to suit your requirements. We charge a fixed fee per month depending on the days/hours required and you will also benefit from having any time not used 'roll-over' into the following month.

Our UK based, full-stack developers can undertake standard maintenance and bug fixes under these agreements, act as an extension of your team or be on hand when you need them to offer consultancy and guidance.

If you feel your company would benefit from such an agreement, get in touch today to discuss your requirements - we'd be delighted to help.

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