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Case Study: MNT Order Taking System (MOTS*)


MNT are a leading, outsourced Call Centre for clients in the Natural Health industry. Based out of Nottingham, they specialise in nature based health products aimed at tackling adverse health conditions typically found in the older generation. They deal with a wide variety of established clients such as Easylife, Tower Health and Careco providing them with an efficient and effective outbound Sales solution that ensures their revenue streams, client base and client satisfaction rates increase year after year. MNT have been front-runners in the industry for over 16 years.

The challenge

Managing Director Majid Munir established the company in 2006 after spending many years in Call Centre management positions. He knew from experience that to be successful, his new company would require a bespoke, end to end Call Centre management solution that encompassed all the different elements such as outbound dialling, CRM, order fulfilment and reporting. In his previous roles, he had worked with off the shelf systems which provided some basic efficiencies but always found that there were gaps and that no off-the shelf product offered exactly what he needed nor the flexibility required to manage multiple clients all with their own back-end systems in the same manner. This meant the agents were trying to utilise up to four systems at once, the data was not centrally available and mistakes were easily made throughout what was a clunky and inefficient process.

In partnership with the Cool Code Company, it was agreed a fully custom built solution was needed, inclusive of all the separate processes involved in the day to day activity of the Call Centre, from the initial outbound call to order fulfilment and invoicing.

The solution

Here at Cool Code Company, we understand the unique challenges faced by Call Centres and this allowed us to use our expertise to develop an all encompassing solution that negated said challenges and provided a streamlined order journey for both agents and clients.

The methodical steps we took to address the challenge are as follows -

From this process mapping exercise, eight core requirements were derived as being critical to inclusion on the new platform -

  1. Build a CRM tool to act as a database where data from the client could be imported, held, updated and exported back to the client in a simple, digestible format
  2. Act as an Order Management tool from creation of order, progress tracking including shipping through to invoicing
  3. Enable the outbound department to make calls in a structured way
  4. Customisable and easy to understand insights and reporting that could be used to inform Business Decisions and track Agent performance in real time
  5. Requirement to write the solution in Visual Basic so the existing on-site developer can make changes within their skillset
  6. Use the existing MySQL database server to reduce on-going costs for database management
  7. Inventory/Asset management
  8. Be fully compliant with GDPR legislation

Based on these specific outcomes, the system was developed as a suite of applications - now referred to as MOTS. The development was undertaken as WinForm applications using Visual Basic.NET 1.1 and MySQL data connectors.

Once established, Cool Code Company worked with MNT on continuous improvement of the platform, ensuring it remains on the latest technology, mitigating the risk of Cyber Attacks and ensuring the platform performs to the best of it’s ability.

As of January 2022, MOTS has been upgraded to the latest version of .NET and the core database migrated to MS SQL Server promoting improved performance and greater compatibility with data analysis tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI.

The result

Since the launch of the system in 2006, the MOTS system has grown in tandem with the company and remains the linchpin in MNT.

From an agent perspective, they need only be trained on one system for all of their tasks which allows them to on-board much quicker than if they were having to navigate between multiple systems, they are able to see their performance statistics in real-time from the intranet page that was created as part of the solution, detailing call handling times, conversions, and NPS scores.

From a client perspective, to get started, they simply need to provide a CSV or excel file with contact details for their prospects. MNT can then import that into the MOTS system which can then analyse the information, apply exclusions to TPS registered clients, dedupe and clean the list and automatically segment the data ready for agents to start working through the list via the fully integrated VOIP system.

From a business perspective, the real time insights allow for instant reporting whether it be to measure KPIs, track revenue generation or simply view their client churn rate for the year. The reports are there, and ready to export.

The future

As detailed above, Cool Code Company and MNT hold regular discussions to review any on-going requirements for regular changes, maintenance and development of new services to ensure MNT remain technologically superior in the ever-changing technical landscape.


Majid Munir, Managing Director at MNT offered his views on how the introduction of the MOTS system has taken the company to the next level.

"The introduction of the MOTS system to MNT has without a shadow of a doubt been one of, if not the, best investment decisions we have made as a company. We have a comprehensive, all in one Call Centre Management System that encompasses all processes into one, easy to navigate platform. Staff are no longer overwhelmed by the onboarding process, clients are able to pull off meaningful reports in less than a minute and as a company, we have a real time overview of key performance metrics and how we are tracking towards them.

Whilst the MOTS system was created to remove specific challenges, it was imperative that it also had the flexibility to grow with the business and over the years, we have been able to able to add new functionality, update the underpinning technology to ensure optimum performance and remove components that no longer served a purpose. Cool Code Company exceeded my expectations, I approached them with some vague ideas about what I wanted to achieve and they took those thoughts and made it into a reality. I was kept informed along the way whilst not being bombarded with requests for technical decisions I was simply not able to make. They know what to do and how it should be done - I gave my budget and had very little involvement other than that.

I look forward to working with Tony & co in the near future for the big move to the cloud! This will allow for flexible working, additional reporting, integrating our new phone system and not worrying about power cuts!

If you need a bespoke software offering created, I recommend you speak to Cool Code Company - their expertise, flexible pricing and client management is unparalleled."

Majid Munir
Managing Director

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