Visual Basic

Visual Basic or VB is a longstanding Microsoft programming language that has evolved tremendously since it's launch in 2002. Whether you are looking for a new application, maintenance or a replacement to VB, we can help. Our team of VB Developers can help with all your VB and VB.NET requirements to ensure your systems remain in good order.

What Can Visual Basic Do for My Business?

Visual Basic is a programming language that can be used for a multitude of Microsoft projects. It is widely considered easy to learn and use and whilst it was declared as a legacy language in 2008, it is still used and maintained on a large scale. However, due to it's age, it can be difficult to find developers with the correct skill set to maintain and update these applications. If you do not have the ability just yet to replace or recreate such an application, or, you like what you already have in place, then we can offer maintenance support to keep your application running smoothly. If you have Access databases or complex Excel spreadsheets it is quite possible there is some VB in there. It is in more places than you might think.

Is VB.Net and.NET the same?

VB.NET is simply Visual Basic using the .NET framework. .NET describes the general framework and can be written in a choice of languages and Visual Basic is just one.

Why is Visual Basic still used?

Visual Basic is a very easy language to learn, and yet very powerful at the same time. Currently this is still used to teach students programming as it has all the features of a modern programming language whilst still being easily readable by a novice.

Benefits of Visual Basic

Visual Basics main strengths are:

How Can We Help

It can be a challenge to find VB experts these days. Luckily for you, our very own MD knows VB like the back of his hand and has extensive experience with the classic, VB 6 and more recently, VB.NET. Get in touch for a chat today!

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