Ad-hoc Support

Ad-hoc support agreements are becoming more prevalent, particularly in the world of IT Services. Unlike a regular service contract which typically covers ongoing support for a specific duration, an ad-hoc support contract is more flexible and allows clients to request assistance on an as-needed basis.

At Cool Code Company, we can be there for you as much or as little as you need us.

When might I require ad-hoc support?

Ad-hoc support agreements are commonly used in industries including IT services and more specifically software support services.

This may be on a consulting basis - where clients need access to an expert on a flexible and as required basis to advise and guide on ideas and/or concepts. Alternatively, this may be on a maintenance basis whereby clients may require occasional hands-on assistance again, on a flexible basis but do not need ongoing support.

These agreements offer flexibility for both parties and allow clients to manage their support needs more efficiently and have become a core part of the service offering here at Cool Code Company.

Our expert UK based team have extensive experience in all things bespoke Software Development and are well positioned to act as trusted advisers your business and current IT team.

They can offer independent perspectives from outside of your organisation providing an external view that has been not influenced by your internal organisational environment. They can provide 'sanity checks' for ideas, concepts and roadmaps your current IT team may have developed and also take a hands-on lead to projects that may be complex or outside of your current IT teams expertise.

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