Dashboards & Reporting

You may have a great IT system in place, but if you can't visualise the information it holds then you are likely missing the bigger picture. Bring everything together with a single, visually pleasing dashboard and have everything available at your fingertips. Weekly reporting with the push of a button anyone? Let us help you, help yourself.

Why would you need a dashboard?

With the growth of online cloud-based systems, we are growing more familiar with the concept of a dashboard. They are a useful tool that allows us to view lots of information in one place. We can then use that information to help us make more informed decisions about the business.

The information is clearly unique to whatever system you have in place. However, most allow you to see some or all of the following:

All of these pieces of knowledge are so powerful to help you manage your business in the optimum way.

Is it just dashboards?

No, there is lots more we can do!

There are a large range of tools available to process, publish and automate your data flow. The Microsoft Power Platform is specifically built for non-developers and allows you to take control of your data yourself. These tools are built to enable you to use them without so much as one line of code! There are plenty of features such as drag and drop, which you will already be familiar with. It just needs to be set-up properly.

You can read more about the Microsoft Power Platform here.

Can we help you get the reporting you need?

At Cool Code Company, we definitely can.

There are lots of technologies available to do this, and it has grown recently, into a massive marketplace. A lot of the tools are similar, but we are constantly finding and learning new systems to improve the technology we can deliver. Some of the tools are listed below, but do get in touch if you want us to investigate your specific needs further.

We build bespoke solutions to your individual needs. One size can fit all, but not when we are talking about solutions to improve and develop your unique business.

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