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You may have a great IT system in place, but if you can't visualise the information it holds then you are likely missing the bigger picture. Bring everything together with a single, visually pleasing dashboard and have everything available at your fingertips. Weekly reporting with the push of a button anyone? Let us help you, help yourself.

Why should I be interested in Dashboards & Reports?

Dashboards & Reporting tools are widely used across various industries to present data in a visual format, allowing the users to understand their data with ease and have specific information available with very little effort. They facilitate decision-making by providing real-time insights, enable performance monitoring by tracking key metrics, help align activities with organisational goals and enhance communication and understanding across a business by providing a common, universal view of data. 


Dashboards are widely used across businesses of all sizes today. There are many options, some of the most popular being Tableau and Power BI. They provide visual representations of data that offer overviews of key metrics, performance indicators and other important information relevant to a specific organisation. Dashboards typically consist of various visual elements such as charts, graphs, gauges, tables and other widgets that display data in an easily understandable format. They can generally be customised to suit the needs of different users and can vary in complexity, from simple summaries to highly interactive and dynamic displays meaning they are more accessible to all.

You can read more about the Microsoft Power Platform here.


Reporting tools are software applications or platforms designed to facilitate the creation, customisation and distribution of reports. Popular reporting tools include Google Analytics & Funnel. These tools typically provide functionalities for data extraction, transformation, analysis and visualisation, allowing users to generate insights from raw data and present them in a structured and meaningful way.

What's the difference?

Dashboards & Reporting have nuanced differences, some platforms offer both and they possess many similar attributes so it can be somewhat confusing to differentiate the two. However, they do differ in some aspects - 

Presentation -

Interactivity -

Granularity -

Audience and Purpose -

How Can we Help?

We have worked with a variety of dashboard & reporting tools for many, many years including Excel, Oracle EBS and in-house custom-built tools. Whether you are looking for a newer solution for your existing dashboards and reports, a platform to start using dashboards and reporting or a custom built system to address specific needs relating to dashboards and reporting, we can help.

Whilst we have specific, and expansive expertise with Tableau and Power BI/Platform, we are constantly finding and learning new systems to improve the technology we can deliver to you. There is further information detailed below for the tools mentioned above but do get in touch if you want us to investigate your specific needs further.

We build bespoke solutions to your individual needs. One size rarely fits all, especially when we are talking about solutions to improve and develop your unique business.

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