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Cool Code Company has worked with Xamarin from day 1, we know it inside and out. It is going to be retired in 2024 and will be End of Support as of May 2024.

Do not fret - there are alternatives! We also know .NET inside and out and translating your Xamarin project into .NET has proved to be the most cost effective and efficient option for the clients we have moved to date with the added bonus of remaining within the Microsoft ecosystem.

There are other options and your Xamarin application(s) can be rewritten in the likes of Swift or React to name a few and this is also something we are well positioned to help with.

What Can Xamarin Do for My Business?

Xamarin app development allows for the writing of a single app that can be used for both Apple and Android. This can speed up projects and reduce issues across multiple platforms. It delivers excellent performance and high user experience for a great option. As it works across all devices it is an impressive package for development. In fact, it does the same with tablets and mobiles too. Here are some examples of where it can be used:

What Are Xamarin Forms?

This is an open-source UI framework. It allows Xamarin developers to build Android, iOS and Windows applications that works. This creates a native user interface layout which can be shared across them all.

Is Xamarin Cross Platform?

Yes Xamarin goes across all the major platforms. This is a great benefit to both a business and the developer. It minimises repetition and saves a huge amount of time. This is a great programme to maximise what you can do in the best way possible.

Use Cases

  1. Native-Like Performance: Xamarin gives developers the ability to achieve native-like performance by compiling the code down to native machine code for each separate platform. This means that apps tend to perform well and provide a solid user experience.

  2. Code Reusability: One of the core benefits of using Xamarin is that developers can reuse a significant chunk of their codebase across different platforms which can greatly reduce the development time and effort required, thus, reducing costs.

  3. Access to Native APIs: Xamarin allows access to native APIs and platform specific features and functionality. This means developers are able to integrate with functionality specific to an individual device without loosing access to the advantages of cross-platform development.

  4. UI Development (Xamarin.Forms): Xamarin.Forms is a UI toolkit provided by Xamarin. It allows developers to create a shared UI via XAML. This enables the creation of a common User Interface across multiple platforms whilst still allowing customisation for requirements that are specific to a platform.

  5. Visual Studio Integration: Because they are both part of the same technology family, Xamarin integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Visual Studio. This is advantageous for developers who are already using this IDE. Essentially it provides the developer with a familiar environment for to build, test and remove bugs in their mobile apps.

  6. Development for Wearables and IoT devices: Xamarin is not limited to building apps for smartphones and tablets. It can also be used to create applications for wearable devices such as Fitbits and Apple watches as well as for IoT devices.

  7. Community and Support: Xamarin has a significant ecosystem of tools and libraries with an engaged, global community. This makes it easier for developers to find solutions, share knowledge, and enhance their development workflow.

How Can We Help?

We are perfectly placed to help with all the different opportunities listed above. Xamarin is a great programme that our team are adept at using. For apps and functions small and large they have the ability to deliver with this. It might be that you have an idea, and you are not sure where to start. It could be that your idea is partway developed but needs help in finishing. Whatever stage you are at, our UK-based team will know the best way to move things forward for you.

Your questions answered on Xamarin

Q) What is Xamarin used for?

A) Xamarin is predominantly used for cross-platform mobile application development. It allows developers to create mobile apps that can run across multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Windows all using a single piece of code.

Q) Is Xamarin Hybrid or Native

A) Xamarin is primarily used for native development however, it does provide some hybrid functionality when developers use Xamarin Forms to create a shared User Interface.

Q) What is the Microsoft replacement for Xamarin?

A) Xamarin has been replaced with MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) meaning, MAUI is generally a good choice for mobile application development in C# although there are other alternatives to consider as well.

Q) Can I use Xamarin without Visual studio?

A) Yes, a popular alternative is JetBrains Xamarin SDK. This is a customised build of Xamarin GitHub sources with some tweaks, improvements and additional code.

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