Google Fit

Harness the strength of Google Fit by making the most of its data. Seamlessly integrating with Google’s API is the ultimate way to move your business forward. Available data can make a positive impact using the knowledge of our talented team.

How Can Google Fit Help My Business?

Google Fit is an app that gathers the data of its users. It presents useful information to the users directly to impact on their health. Equally information can be made available to businesses via user permission. This opens a wealth of data to you to utilise and maximise on business opportunities. Just some of the health and fitness data that can be integrated with include:

Or perhaps you can use all of these to build an app to benefit your users. This can all be difficult to tailor, but here is where our team come in.

How Can We Help?

Our team have the knowledge and experience to build you what you need to benefit your business. We have already worked with a range of UK Health companies on similar projects. We will bring all this knowledge to our work with your business. It could be an app or just specific data streams you need. Either way, we can help. We will work to bring your ideas to life whether they are fully fledged or just a starting seed.

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