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Case Study: Osiris MR


Osiris MR are a Market Research company specialising in providing reliable data and cost-effective research results to companies within the Healthcare industry. They work with many high-street pharmacies, providing services that allow them to gather and collate client feedback in order to improve their services.

The challenge

The approach taken to providing these services to the pharmacies was a manual one. The client would provide a brief that would detail the number of surveys they wanted completed by each pharmacy within their remit. This involved a number of manual processes such as creating letters to the pharmacy, allocating unique identifiers and creating posters to promote the surveys to the pharmacy clients. The returns process was also incredibly manual, the surveys would be returned, they would then have to be counted and filled in to a spreadsheet. The client had no way of checking the performances of the pharmacy aside from requesting the detail at a given point in time.

The solution

All processes involved in the surveying of the pharmacies and subsequent returns were mapped out to see where automation could be introduced that would save both time and costs.

The processes that were to be automated were as follows -

Once the new functionality was determined and it was agreed which elements could be automated, the tool was built in .NET Core with a MySQL database and delivered in a Winform application with an Angular portal.

The results

The new system streamlined the collective end to end process and allowed Osiris to offer their clients a much quicker and more effective process that allowed them transparency and visibility over their pharmacies performance at any given time.

Internally, staff were able to onboard clients much quicker than when using the fragmented, manual processes. The software also removed a significant amount of mistakes that happened due to said manual processes and allowed all data to flow through each part of the process with ease - it essentially acted as a central repository.

Clients were given a self-serve portal where they could log in and track performance and chase up the pharmacies when necessary.


"The implementation of the new software system meant my job was much easier! Everything I needed was on one singular platform as opposed to multiple systems that did not talk to each other, the removal of the need for constant cross referencing was very welcome.

I thoroughly enjoyed being involved throughout the end to process and being consulted on each stage of the rollout.

I was able to express exactly what I needed in order to complete each workflow and Cool Code were then able to take each process and intertwine them all so they flowed into each other. I do not class myself as technically savvy and can find technology confusing but working with Tony/James they fully understood me and answered all my queries in a manner which allowed me to understand.

I would fully recommend Cool Code Company as they deliver exactly what they say they will, in the time allocated and to the specification agreed."

Diane Radmall
Osiris MR

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