If you have an existing Winforms application, our Winform developer team is primed to support you. We have the experience to finish, build and maintain Winform development projects. Keep your applications going with targeted, expert help where you need it most.

How Can WinForms Help My Business?

WinForms have been around for a long time. These days they tend to be written with .NET using Visual Basic or C#. Our WinForms developers are very familiar with all these tools. WinForms is older technology and therefore is not used as much these days. However, lots of projects are still around based on WinForms. These can continue to be valuable for the future of your business. It may be better to keep and maintain these as they are than build something new.

What is the difference between WPF and WinForms?

WinForms is the older of the two technologies and has been around a good long while. WPF allows a greater flexibility of the layout using a markup style languages, similar to XML. Each one can be used to achieve similar results and whilst newer technologies have entered the market since the introduction of WPF, WinForms has remained a constant throughout and is a truly tried and tested system for Windows development.

As with every project, the decision on what technologies to use will vary considerably. We will advise on the best solution for your project and budget.

Legacy Applications

Winform applications have been around since the 90s so they can be built using classic Visual Basic, for example VB6. We have the expertise to maintain these legacy applications, alternatively of course we can bring them up to date with the latest technology and provide support moving forward.

How Can We Help?

We are always willing to advise you on the best product for your business. We base this purely on your requirements and budget. We likely would not recommend WinForms as a platform as there are newer technologies with better support. Yet if this is what you want, of course we will do it. Equally if you have an existing project that uses WinForms our team have the dedication and expertise to maintain this to a high standard.

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