Bespoke WFM (Work Force Management)

What is a Bespoke WFM (Work Force Management) system?

Workforce Management systems are designed and developed to streamline multiple aspects of workforce related management including planning, scheduling and time tracking. A bespoke Workforce Management (WFM) system has been developed to meet an individual organisations requirements regarding their Workforce Management needs.

A bespoke WFM (Workforce Management) system refers to a customized or tailor-made solution designed to meet the specific workforce management needs of a particular business or organization. Unlike off-the-shelf WFM solutions that provide generic features for a wide range of industries, a bespoke WFM system is built from the ground up to align with the unique processes, workflows, and requirements of a specific organization.

What features does a typical, Bespoke WFM system have?

Customisation -  The ability to tailor the WFM system to match the unique business processes, roles and policies within the organisation.

Scalability -  The flexibility to scale the WFM system as the business grows, accommodating an increasing number of employees, departments, or locations.

Integration - Seamless integration with other existing software or systems within the organisation, such as HR management systems, payroll systems, and other business applications.

Automated Workforce Planning - Designing automated tools for forecasting, scheduling, and optimising workforce resources based on the organisation's unique requirements and historical data.

Task and Project Management - Incorporating features for tracking and managing tasks, projects, and assignments to ensure efficient workflow management.

Employee Self-Service - Providing employees with self-service features, allowing them to manage their schedules, request time off, and access relevant information through a user-friendly interface.

Compliance and Reporting - Implementing customised reporting tools to track and analyze workforce-related data, ensuring compliance with labor regulations, and generating insights for strategic decision-making.

Mobile Accessibility - Developing mobile-friendly interfaces or dedicated mobile apps to enable employees and managers to access workforce management functionalities on the go.

Training and Skills Management - Including features for tracking employee skills, certifications, and training requirements, helping in workforce development and optimisation.

Data Security and Privacy - Implementing specific security measures to safeguard sensitive employee information and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Benefits of a Bespoke WFM system

Customisation - Arguably the most advantageous element of a bespoke WFM system is the ability to customise it to accommodate the unique workflows, requirements and desired outcomes of an organisation. 

Scalability -  Bespoke WFM systems are generally designed with scalability in mind. As a evolves, the system can be adapted and changed to accommodate changes in number of users, locations etc without the need for total overhauls.

Integration with Existing Systems -  Customised WFM solutions can generally be integrated with existing software used by the organisation so the systems can work together rather than individually. This integration ability improves the data exchange and communication across different departments, leading to a more cohesive and interconnected business environment.

Improved Employee Engagement - Personalised features and graphics within a bespoke WFM system can lead to improved employee engagement. Employees are more likely to embrace and use a system that is designed with their specific needs in mind, in turn, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity.

Compliance Management - Industries often have specific regulations and compliance requirements regarding workforce management that they are obligated to follow. A customised WFM system can be developed to ensure that the organisation complies with these regulations and track them with ease, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues.

Enhanced Efficiency - A bespoke WFM system can streamline and automate a variety of workforce related tasks and processes including time tracking, scheduling and allocation of work. This automation can promote  increased efficiency due to the tasks being performed more accurately and in less time. It can also significantly reduce manual errors.

Data Security and Privacy -  Customised WFM solutions can be designed with tailored and robust security measures in order to protect sensitive employee data. The organisation therefore has more control over security protocols and can implement measures to comply with privacy regulations.

Cost Effectiveness - Whilst the initial investment in developing a bespoke WFM system can be significant, it has the potential lead to cost savings over time. The system is designed to meet specific requirements, reducing unnecessary features and potential future upgrade costs.

Improved Reporting and Analytics - Customised WFM systems can provide tailored reporting and analytics functionalities to suit the requirements of the organisation and it's users. This allows organisations to access valuable insights into trends and KPIs and allows for data backed decision making.

Adaptability - Workforce management challenges vary across industries. A bespoke WFM system allows for the incorporation of industry specific features and functionalities.

To summarise, there are many benefits to choosing a bespoke WFM system. However, the decision to invest in one depends on the specific requirements, budgetary situation and long term goals of the business. Here at Cool Code Company, we have extensive experience in developing and deploying bespoke WFM systems to a wide range of companies and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and current situation with you.

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