Android Java Development

Our talented Android Java developers are fully able to deliver any new or ongoing project for you. Whatever you are working with, this cross-platform language can add the flexibility your business needs. Give your application that something extra that offers more.

How Can Android Java Help My Business?

Many Android applications use Java as their main programming language. For apps, this is a great choice. We can target any version of the Android App API that you would like although it should be version 26 or higher. It can interface with any Android phone, tablet or wearable and is cross-platform purposefully. It has a huge number of developers across the world and is recommended by Google. Things written in Android Java follow the approach of “write once and run anywhere”. This avoids all kinds of repetition and time-consuming fixes and patches. An app written in Android Java will be a reliable one for years to come. Google have developed another language for similar purposes called Kotlin which can be used instead if preferred.

Why is Android Java Used in Android App Development?

Java is a modern language and was created to be cross platform. The intention was to write an application in Java and have it run on any machine without any changes whatsoever. If the machine had the Java engine running, then it would work.

Java ticks all the boxes when it comes to application development, it has the following benefits:

Android App Development Architecture

Android application development is essentially split down into a UI Layer and a Data Layer.

Essentially the UI layer is concerned with anything you see and the Data layer contains the functionality and business logic.

The UI Layer consists of Activities and Fragments, with XML markup describing the layout and a Java class wiring up any required function.

The data layer should be a structured set of Java classes. This should be thought about carefully to run the right way.

How Can We Help?

Android Java development is part of the skillset of our talented team. They are able to work on brand new development projects, ones that are partially developed or existing ones that need updating. Whatever your needs for applications and using Android Java, then we can meet it. Our team are on hand to discuss your requirements on the phone or through email.

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