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We use a range of the latest and greatest technologies to provide you with the most effective solution to address your specific requirements. We have worked with Microsoft technologies for many years and can offer a whole range of different solutions to suit your requirements from Software rollout and integration to migrations to Azure and intelligent reporting via Power Platform. See how we helped Independent Locker Solutions, the UK's leading provider of Locker Solutions in schools save over £30,000 per annum by migrating them to an Azure hosting solution.

How Can Microsoft Technologies Help My Business?

For many years, Microsoft have focused on building a wide range of tools to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes and across various industries. Whatever kind of tech solution you need, it is highly likely Microsoft can provide it in some way, shape or form. Here are some of the core offerings available today -

How Can we Help?

As detailed above, Microsoft have an extensive offering of technology solutions to suit your business requirements. However, if they are new to you, it can be difficult to get started. Our practical team specialise in these technology types to bring them into your system with care and ease. Here are the ones we focus on:

.NET Framework

Our .NET developer team have been working with this system since we set-up shop in 2006. It is an open-source platform for developers which works effectively across virtually any system. It is well-established, extremely flexible and evolves with all the latest trends and developments through Microsoft support.

If you need a mobile application or a Windows application, .NET can do it and our .NET development team will make it the best it can be for you.

.NET Development

Hosting and Cloud solutions.

Microsoft provide a powerful Cloud-based system of services through their Azure portal. This has a wide range of uses that businesses find useful. From hosting simple web sites through to providing high level infrastructure for your business needs, it delivers. Our Microsoft Azure Developers are skilled in finding solutions to make all the difference to your business.

Our team can meet your needs across a wide range of new technologies. If you are not sure how we could enhance your business, speak to us about what we can offer. You might be surprised by how far we can take you.

Azure Development

Visual Basic and C#

Visual Basic and C# are both languages that are popular ones to use with .NET. If you have a new or existing project with these languages, we can help support it. Whether you are technical or not, our team will put things in the right terms for you, to make a positive impact on your business.

C# Development

Visual Basic Development

Windows Applications

You may need specialist Windows applications to run on your PC or set devices. This is a very popular request and Windows make this easy to achieve with different programmes available. Yet they all have their own pros and cons. Our specialist team are experts at advising on what is best for a specific application. You can make an informed decision and let our team create what you need.

UWP Development

WinForm Development

WPF Development


Microsoft have expanded out the .NET framework, with a set of tools to help streamline the development of Mobile Applications. Xamarin has two main approaches to this. Our competent team find it a very useful way of keeping Mobile App development as simple as possible without compromising on the power of these devices. This is a superb solution for a wide range of businesses

Xamarin Development

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