Power BI

Visualise your Key Performance Metrics with ease and monitor your business from your computer with Power BI. We can set up the data sources that will provide you with the most insight and create dashboards to suit your specific requirements.

What Can Power BI Do for My Business?

Power BI can arguably provide benefits in one way or another to pretty much any type of organisation. Providing you have data flows that contribute in some way to decision making within your company, there is something to offer. Your specific environment and data requirements will determine the extent to which you use Power BI and the functionality within, here are some of features you can expect to use if you choose Power BI - 

Whilst reporting is a significant component of Power BI, it encompasses the entire process of data preparation, modelling and visualisation. This holistic approach makes Power BI a powerful business intelligence platform that allows users to make data-backed decisions based on well-designed and interactive reports and dashboards with real-time data. In addition, it is regarded as relatively easy to navigate and use, even for beginners.

Implementing Power BI

Many companies have some type of Business Intelligence (BI) tool(s) already, however, many companies also do not understand how to leverage said tools to their fullest extent rendering them somewhat, or wholly useless.

The complexities can start at implementation which can be a technical and laborious process. without the right know how, it is likely to take you longer than it needs to in order to set up the platform to retrieve data from all of the required sources and even moreso, to use said data to create relevant and easy to interpret reporting and dashboards. We strongly suggest that in the absence of your own specialist resource that you seek out an individual or company who has expertise in the Power BI platform to get you started.

How Can We Help?

At Cool Code Company we can make sure that the Power BI Dashboards work in a way that is relevant and beneficial to your business. Often, businesses implement these tools without understanding their potential and knowing how to make it work properly for them. Our UK-based team can connect all of your relevant data streams, produce the reports & dashboards you need with the right tools in place and even offer training to your wide team so they can comfortably navigate and use the platform.

We pride ourselves on your business getting exactly what it needs. This is all within our expertise, so talk to us to find out how we can get working for you.


Q) Is Power BI a reporting platform?

A) Yes, Power BI is often described as a reporting platform, but it goes beyond traditional reporting to provide a comprehensive business intelligence solution.

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