Swift Development

Programmes written in Swift can be superb tools for your business. But what happens when there is no one around to fix issues or add the latest features? Our Swift app developer team of experts are here to build and maintain any apps and programmes you have.

How Can Swift Help My Business?

Swift is an intuitive programming language developed by Apple for a range of their products. If you want to develop something for the Apple platform, then this is the language they suggest you use. As you might expect from Apple, Swift app development and Swift iOS development are robust and high quality. Swift can even be used with Objective-C if what you need has layers of complication. It is open source but only suitable for Apple products and does not have a use across platforms. Perhaps you have an existing app with Swift and no way to upgrade it with new features. Maybe you would like an app to support your business brand. This is where our team’s experience comes in.

What Kind of Apps Can You Make With Swift?

Swift can be used to build any kind of application for iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch, it really is that simple. For some complicated applications, there is sometimes the need to write some code to dig down into the lower levels of the OS. This is sometimes difficult, but Swift allows Objective-C code to be inserted for that need. This gives you the benefits of Swift but the power of Objective-C if you really need to use it for something.

How Can We Help?

We are experts at programme and app development. We know Swift inside and out, so whatever position you are in we can help. If you have an idea for a new app, then we can support this development. You might have some ideas but are not sure how to make it work. We can work with you to make it into what you need. If you have an existing app but no one to update it or needs have changed, we can do it. Our team have the intuition and ability to help with any issues Swift may pose.

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