Migration To The Cloud

Why move to the Cloud? Well the world changes every day. As it changes, so do your software needs. As a bespoke software development company based in the UK, we are perfectly placed to help. We offer a bold choice to help you migrate software to the Cloud.

Why move to the Cloud

With lots of people working from home, software that can only be used in the office or via VPN is making things difficult. This is a challenge for both businesses and the individuals who want hybrid working. Migration to the Cloud makes it fully accessible and can boost your business. It can also improve practices for your workers and can be a cheaper solution overall. With more and more Cloud services, your system may need to integrate with it at some point. We liaise with you to see if we can find a workable solution with a bespoke application. We will update your software, taking your existing offline application and remoulding it. This will change it into a state-of-the-art cloud system as a way of futureproofing your business.

When not to move to the Cloud?

Not everything is suitable for the Cloud. Anything on the Cloud is secure, but it is no longer within the confines of your building. If this is of concern, then the Cloud may not be best for you. Equally, if there is an issue with the internet, you will not be able to use the Cloud. You need a robust and reliable internet connection. With this, you may therefore find that your PC accesses information quicker than getting it on the Cloud. If the Cloud gives you advantages that is great, but if not then it may not be the right solution. Our professional team can help you to make the best decision for your business.

Is the Cloud Actually Cheaper?

The Cloud is not a cheap solution necessarily. There can be savings made in infrastructure as you no longer need to maintain servers. For those who are a little less technical, this can feel like a huge bonus. It also saves on the cost of servers as well as OS License costs, database services and staffing. You do not need to update the Cloud, that is all done for you. No getting behind or things being out of date. You can also run the Cloud on any old PC, so no need to have state of the art ones for this purpose.

How We Can Help

The Cloud can have a lot of benefits for a business. We help businesses make their own decision about migrating over to the Cloud. If this is something you are thinking of doing, speak to our expert team about your options.

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