Tableau allows you to visualise and interpret your data streams in a non-technical, user-friendly way, providing you with meaningful insights into your business and allowing you to make smarter decisions. It works across multiple data streams and helps you view your company metrics and performance at 360 degrees.

What Can Tableau Do for My Business?

Tableau is an incredibly powerful Business Intelligence tool that can help your business thrive. It offers innovative opportunities to turn your data into tangible, actionable insights. Tableau is trusted across the globe by a whole range of companies both large and small. Bid adieu to manual excel reporting, Tableau can give you the data you need at the click of a button.

Tableau is a tool that essentially sits across all of your current data streams regardless of where or what they are. It acts as a central repository for said data, examples could be - sales volume, average agent call time and time spent on specific tasks. You can then use a range of parameters and filters to give you accurate reports over a specific period of time for example.

Are you thinking about how to spend your annual marketing budget? These reports can help you to see where to channel your resources. They can also help you decide which stock to carry. Another key benefit is that providing Tableau is set up correctly, it is absolutely non-tech friendly and requires no thorough understanding or training to take advantage of it. This ensures all users can take something meaningful from it.

This tool can make a huge impact in businesses of all sizes, but it's not just as simple as downloading the programme... there is a process to go through to ensure the set-up is correct, all relevant data is captured and that you have access to the correct parameters and filters from the get go - that's where we come in.

How Can We Help?

Cool Code Company have the team and the tools to create the set-up you need with Tableau Reporting. This is a system that is highly technical. We will ensure it is set-up to produce the reports you need and bring the results your business deserves. If you are considering this system it is will give you exceptional data solutions.

A game changer for your business, let our professional UK-based staff bring the expertise you need whether via desktop or the Cloud.


Q) Is Tableau a reporting platform?

A) Tableau can be used as a reporting platform, it is essentially a database made up of multiple data sources that allows you to easily manipulate and interpret data in a visually comprehensible way.

Q) Does Tableau use SQL?

A) SQL can indeed by connected to Tableau either live - for tuned, platform-specific queries, or by copying data into Tableau's analytical engine to take the burden away from SQL.

Q) What is the difference between Tableau reports and dashboards?

A) According to Tableau themselves - Broadly speaking, reports usually have a more narrow focus. They serve the purpose of providing a deep-dive view into a data set and tend to concentrate on a single item or event.

On the other hand, dashboards tend to have a high-level view of broad amounts of data and are created to answer a single question.

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