Bespoke Mobile Application Development

Bespoke Mobile Applications are not just nice to have but in some cases, absolutely necessary if there are specific features and functionality you need to be accessible from a mobile device in order to be able to run your business efficiently.

What is Bespoke Mobile Application Development?

Bespoke Web Application Development is essentially an application that has been built for a mobile device that has been developed to meet specific client defined requirements. Unlike off the shelf mobile applications, a bespoke mobile app is built to suit the requirements of one single client or organisation as opposed to being built to appeal to multiple clients and/or organisations.

Typical Features of Bespoke Mobile Application Development

Customised UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) - 

Personalisation -

Integration - 

Authentication and Authorisation - 

Offline Functionality - 

Language accomodation - 

Multi- Platform Code - 

These features are just a snippet of what may be present in bespoke mobile applications and whilst they can provide many benefits to an organisation, a bespoke mobile application may not be practical or approproate for everyone - it is dependent on specific circumstances and weighing up the pros and cons based on that. 

How Can we Help?

Here at Cool Code Company, we have developed many bespoke mobile applications over the years and our developers have done so for companies such as Bupa. If you're wondering whether a bespoke mobile application could benefit your business, get in touch today for a chat.

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