.NET Development

Our .NET developer team take a positive approach to every project. We are all based in the UK with no outsourcing, so you can trust your project to be handled from beginning to end by us. .NET does it all and our .NET development team does too.

What Can .NET Development Do for My Business?

Whether you are looking for a website, applications or a back-end service, .NET does it. It is an open-source platform for developers which works effectively across virtually any system. Our dot Net developer team have been working with this system since 2006 and know the opportunities it can bring. It is a great framework to build solutions using Visual Basic or C# languages. We can provide .NET developer support for any version from version 1.1 through to .NET Core, or beyond with the latest version 6.0.

How Can We Help?

While this is complex and technical, our team break it down for you. Agreeing what your business needs and supporting you to move forward is what we do. Our .NET developers know every part of the system to get the best out of it for you. Here are some ways we can use .NET to support your business:

Websites - .NET provides multiple ways of building websites, and this has grown as the internet has developed. From Web forms, MVC through to WebAPIs with Angular frontends – we are experts in them all. Our team will help you get your idea off the ground.

Applications - Windows Applications can be written in .NET using Winforms. In recent years this technology has expanded so there are now more options for us to build applications, from WPF, UWP and even the latest MAUI. Our team can advise what technology will work best for your project.

Mobile Applications - .NET has provided platforms for Mobile development with the old and now defunct Windows Phone, UWP for Windows 10 and now Xamarin. If you need help with Mobile development in .NET then our team are the ones to support you every step of the way.

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