Diane Radmall

Office Administrator

Why I’m Here

I joined Cool Code Company back in 2022 although it feels like i’ve been around much longer than that (in a good way of course!). I met our MD, Tony whilst working for a client of Cool Code Company and I was very impressed with the interactions I had with him. The work he undertook actually made my life a lot easier with the introduction of an all in one CRM tool that acted as a client database, communication and reporting hub amongst other things. It certainly took a lot of manual work off my hands which I was very grateful for and so after the company I was previously working for went into administration, I took the opportunity to approach Tony and offer my administrative services - the rest is history.

What I’ve Done

I have always enjoyed working in administration and having oversight of everything that’s going on from orders coming in, to invoices going out and everything in between. I love talking to clients and getting an understanding of what they do - when i’m not trying to manage Tony’s diary or keeping our CRM system up to date, it’s usually safe to assume i’m having a natter with them!

My administration career to date has spanned over 40 years and I have experienced the shift from fax machines & postal services to working in the Cloud, I must say data entry methods have changed quite a bit! Prior to joining Cool Code Company, I spent time at CCN Systems (now known as Experian), Greggs and Osiris MR.

What’s Important

I admit, i’m a bit of a perfectionist but this has served me well over the years. I like, no, I need to work in a structured and efficient environment where everything has it’s own place and i’m able to access it easily. For my clients, anything i’m sending to them will be checked, checked again, and maybe checked once more for good measure.

I have a bit of a phobia of ‘unread emails’ so I tend to try and deal with any requests as soon as they come in. I also enjoy doing research and generally learning new things so if I don’t already know the answer to something, you can be sure i’ll find out!

Outside Of Work

I’d class myself as a bit of a foodie and love sampling new restaurants then trying to recreate the experiences at home. I also love a good concert and have attended a real variety from Madness to Tom Jones to most recently - Craig David.

When I have time off, I enjoy city breaks and cruises (sometimes both together) and recently spent some time sailing around the Mediterranean visiting Corsica, Sicily, and Naples along the way.

I have two miniature dachshunds - Jax and Maxi who enjoy exploring the local nature trails, stopping off for a Puppucino and generally lazing around and living the good life.

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