The Cool Code Company Ethos

We work in a structured and collaborative way throughout your journey with us. From initial conception to delivery and training we offer the full package. Technical or not, it doesn't matter to us.

Having spent in excess of 30 combined years in the Software Development industry, we have had time to trial and refine our approach more times than is sensible to count. Whilst there is no clear cut right and wrong approach to tackling the client journey, we do have some fundamental milestones that we tend to work with consistently.

The Requirements

The first and arguably most important step in any collaboration is to clearly understand our clients requirements. This does not mean we expect clients to come to us with a specific roadmap of what they want to achieve (although this does happen and we are happy to oblige). It may be that you come to us with a problem you would like to solve, a KPI you're looking to improve or a challenge that you're not sure how to overcome. Regardless of the what, we will take the time to sit down with you and really thoroughly understand what it is that we need to achieve and what the outputs need to be.

We can come to you, you can come to us or we can do it virtually  - the choice is yours. We will take the time to speak with all individuals who are involved in some way whether its the individuals who face the issue on a daily basis or the stakeholders who's metrics it is impacting so we can gather a full, 360 picture of the situation and the impact it is having as is.

Based on the interactions and information we receive, we will clearly articulate the requirements and outputs as we understand them and agree these with you.

The options

Once agreed, Cool Code will then take the time to analyse and review the options available to achieve the outputs you require. We will work within any parameters you give us which may involve timelines, costing or otherwise and provide you with clear, unbiased choices. As part of this, we will always undertake a risk analysis of the options we put forward and make any risks clearly known to you so that you are able to make a well informed decision about how you would like to proceed. We may at this stage assist or even write a specification for you if you need to engage with and agree sign off with internal stakeholders, significantly reducing the need for technical knowledge. We will also agree any necessary post delivery needs such as training.

The plan

Once we have agreed a clear way forward, Cool Code shall then go away and create a specific and measurable plan of action. We will break down the project into specific milestones, we shall detail the outputs that will be realised at the end of each milestone and detail how long each milestone shall take and agree these with you. We will also agree on a communications plan for the duration of the project and pre load any regular touch point calls.

The delivery

We will then proceed to deliver the solution against the agreed milestones. We will engage with the relevant stakeholders where necessary and depending on who it has been agreed needs to be involved across the different milestones. We will be available for communication throughout and should there be any changes to expectations or milestones, we will discuss these with you as soon as we are aware. Transparency is key for Cool Code to ensure you, our client always knows what to expect. On completion of each milestone, we shall confirm the outputs and request you to review and sign off this milestone before we move to the next (unless otherwise agreed) so we can stay as close to the plan as is possible.


What happens after delivery depends on your specific requirements. It may be that no handover training is required, in which case we shall summarise what we have done and agree closure. If we are rolling out new or updated software that stakeholders need to be shown/trained on then we will undertake that as agreed. If you need further training or assistance - no problem at all.

We will never close a project unless you are 100% satisfied.

So, now you know how Cool Code Company approach their projects - why not get in touch to discuss yours?

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