Legacy Database Migration

Moving information from legacy applications can be a drawn-out and tedious process that needs careful planning and execution to ensure data is not lost. Our team of database developers are experts at migrating and modernising legacy applications and will create a bespoke plan based on your specific situation and requirements. 

Why Might You Need Legacy Database Migration?

Adding new technology to your system over a period of time is a typical way to upgrade. But what about the software you still use that is out of date? It might work with your systems at the moment but at some point, it will stop working. Or it might slow down or get a bug and then how will it get fixed? Sometimes you only see the value of something when it does not work anymore. Changing that process or moving that data now can save a huge amount of time, energy and difficulty later.

How We Can Help

Legacy database migration can benefit various aspects of your business such as your data security, data interpretation abilities and efficiency in reporting. Make the move for a better, modernised system. Our knowledgeable team of database developers will plan and deliver a seamless transition for you with confidence. We take the process one step at a time to ensure a thorough and complete approach based on your specific circumstances. 

We have extensive experience in working with a wide variety of Legacy Databases including those built in SQL, Microsoft Access, Deffo, Lotus Notes and all types of offline file based systems including excel.

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